Worth A 1,000 Words.

I’m constantly being judged for something I do. I’m sick of it. Is it right? Yes. Is it okay? Yes. I’m tired of rumors, of people trying to expose who I am. Listen here, let me be, mind your own business, and don’t even try to bring me down. I’m living my life, and you […]

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Interview with The Glue.

The Glue. is a small mug business in Kuwait. They sell over 200+ mugs and have over 763 followers (hides in shame).  One night I decided to interview the wonderful girls, Lindsay Parkinson and Emily Abbott, who are personally one of the sweetest people I know. Here is the interview, enjoy! Instagram: @thegluekw 1. What was/who […]

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Women in Latin America

How are women in Latin America viewed today? Women in Latin America are viewed as degraded human beings, having no expertise in the fields than men do. Women in this region are fighting for their rights and demand a voice in their society. Women generally do not have the same opportunities men have. They can’t […]

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Why I Started Blogging.

I started blogging because I want people to know the real me. The one who is in love with lifestyle and casual technology. Blogging is something I have always done, believe me. I have like thousands of blogs that I don’t use anymore. But now, blogging is my passion, my circus le’oile of my life […]

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Mens Trends in Kuwait

Men in Kuwait (particularly the innovative men in our culture) have a very “pop-y” sense of style. Depriving the fact that SOME men here are unfashionable, like the “early Kuwaitis“, youth Kuwaitis are more stylish and trendy. For example: http://kw.pricena.com/en/men-fashion/mens-clothing/swimwear/brand/native%20youth/brand/native%20youth/ http://kw.pricena.com/en/men-fashion/brand/native%20youth http://kw.pricena.com/en/men-fashion/brand/native%20youth Kuwait is a hub for fashion and trends in the middle east. Aside […]

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