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Rome, Italy (2 nights – June 20-22)

  I took Kuwait Airways (5 hours) to Rome-Leonardo da Vinci- Fiumicio Airport. We stayed in Hilton at the Airport. We went to the center and saw the colloseum (in-car) and museums. Illegal itinerant street salesmens was selling cheap stuff like selfie sticks, lasers and mobile-friendly items. We walked on the Spanish Steps. During the trip, we entered Piazza Novanna, i got a bracelet with my name, “Hamany”, crafted on it. The person making it was talented at crafting.

Florence, Italy (1 night – June 22-23)

 (3 hours 30 minutes) We only went to Florence by car. Only one night and we went to the Florence center and the Duomo cathedral. We stayed in Hotel Roma.

Zell am See, Austria (3 nights – 23-26)

(7 hours) We arrived at Zell am See after one night in Florence. We stayed in an apartment called Residence Bellevue. While we crossed the mountains, we stopped over Touscany and drove across Salzburg. We ate at a restaurant-hotel called “Wieshof”. Everytime we arrived at our apartment, we stayed and relaxed in our comfortable balcony-terrace. On July 26 ’till 30th, we will go to Prague, Czech Republic.

Prague, Czech Republic (3 nights – TBA)

(6 hours) We drove to Prague, tired, and arrived at Sheraton Hotel. We walked it was like a mini version of New York, literally, as I walked throughout the city. Lots of entertainment and joy during this trip.

Lyon, France (1 night – TBA)

(6 hours) Long drive from Czech to Lyon. Not much to say since I got a little cold and only went to the Pharmacy and got a bite to eat. Stayed at a hotel called “Odalys” and It was a teny-tiny room.

Barcelona, Spain (5 nights)

(4.5 hours) We went from France to Spain. Stayed at a penthouse in the luxurious part of Spain. We went to F.C. Barcelona’s “Camp Nou” and we saw trophies, the stadium, and even brought soveniers from there. We had lunch and walked along the seaside.

Marseille, France (1 night)

(4 hours) Off to France again to reroute back to Rome for home. Stayed at a hotel called “Residhotel“. We had lunch at Hard Rock Cafe.

Venice, Italy (6 nights)

(5 hours) CIAO! We drove to Venice and stayed at Grimaldi Appartments. We took a Waterboat to San Marco and ate in a restaurant that’s name I can’t recall.


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