Things To Do If Your Bored During Eid

So Eid is here, and some of us are taking a load off work and school. What are we going to do? Here we go:

1. Watch Netflix


Practically nothing beats Netflix. It is the gateway to life, to our souls… and to cure our boredom. Just catch up on Orange is the New Black or Parks and Rec, you will be on your way!

2. Go for a run/jog


Yeah. Do it. Get more fit during the break. It won’t do you any harm.

3. DONT HAVE BREAKFAST. Have brunch.


Visit your uncle or aunt and make brunch with them. It is very comfortable waking straight out of bed and going down having BREAKFAST AND LUNCH AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!

4. Post on Instagram (and KILL TIME on Instagram)


Instagram is the best way to kill time. Take pictures of your Eid’eya and your delish lunch. Or take photos of your OOTD going to your aunt’s house.

So enjoy your Eid while it’s there. 

Yours Truly,

The Open Source


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