Why I Started Blogging.


I started blogging because I want people to know the real me. The one who is in love with lifestyle and casual technology. Blogging is something I have always done, believe me. I have like thousands of blogs that I don’t use anymore. But now, blogging is my passion, my circus le’oile of my life (PS that is not a word lol). Frankly, blogging has been (evidently) easier for me throughout the years because my advanced development in Journalism. I am currently taking Honors English in my school, and strangely, is one of the most easiest classes I take because I have an advanced knowledge of literature and journalism. Blogging is my second life, if not my part-time job (or my full-time job). I am an avant-garde person crawling out of my shell, my pupa. I want the world to hear my voice (and listen to my keyboard clicks as I tap them vigorously). This is my life and it is my journey… and I hope you enjoy it!



Yours Truly,

The Open Source


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