Women in Latin America

How are women in Latin America viewed today? Women in Latin America are viewed as degraded human beings, having no expertise in the fields than men do. Women in this region are fighting for their rights and demand a voice in their society. Women generally do not have the same opportunities men have. They can’t be higher, in terms of power and rights, than men. They do not participate in local and national elections, and do not get the same salaries. In fact, they do not get their salaries at all. They are treated like a 3rd class citizen, if not less. Women are more powerful than men in this time. They deserve the right of opportunity, the right of voting and the right of monetary value.


Generally, women in this region do stand up to the men and misogynists who particularly hate women. There are many activist groups in South America, especially Argentina. In fact, they are advocates in not only women rights, but also including women’s liberal movement. One example could be the “Madres de la Plaza de Mayo”, or Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, who are a group of Argentine mothers that fight for their rights as their children “disappeared” during a state of military dictatorship, which happened during 1976 until 1983.

Some countries, or a lot, do not even allow women to vote in local and national elections. Here are some countries based on voting. It introduces the fact that women aren’t allowed to share their opinions about who they want to rule are Argentina, Belize, Panamá, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago and Uruguay. The countries in Latin America where women are allowed to vote without male supervision are Nicaragua, Paraguay, Brazil and Aruba. Countries which are gender neutral about voting are Guyana, Suriname, Curaçao, and Ecuador.

Why do women get treated in this derogatory manner? The male counterparts have always ruled South America, and some men think that they are more powerful than women in place of power and leadership. Misogynists are facing a harsh time as women are rising, and they should be. The future is female, and females are our future.


Yeah, shout it. Let the world understand. Let them see that women are powerful, and not a man’s companion. Women can rule the world, and as Beyonce would say, “Who runs the world? Girls!” (from Run the World by Beyonce).


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