Interview with The Glue.

The Glue. is a small mug business in Kuwait. They sell over 200+ mugs and have over 763 followers (hides in shame). 

One night I decided to interview the wonderful girls, Lindsay Parkinson and Emily Abbott, who are personally one of the sweetest people I know. Here is the interview, enjoy! Instagram: @thegluekw

1. What was/who was your inspiration for The Glue. ?

It all started rather spontaneously!  We didn’t sit down with the intention of starting a company.  Instead, we sat down with the intention of ordering some really adorable mugs online.  But after seeing the cost of shipping and delivery, we realized the mugs we wanted were out of our price budget.  And so……The Glue was born!  We decided to make our own mugs right here in HOME SWEET KUWAIT! 🙂  

2. What are your hopes and dreams for The Glue. ?

People connecting with our mission as a company is always A DREAM COME TRUE!  If our mugs inspire others to enjoy quality time with other people….what more could we hope for? 🙂

3. What was your previous concepts you guys had before The Glue?

Our previous concept was being consumers of really cute mugs!  Truly!  We never, ever imagined that a cup of coffee after school would pave the road to our future as entrepreneurs.  It’s been INCREDIBLE and the most amazing part of our company is the time we get to spend with each other.  Imagine embarking on a passion project with your bestie!  That’s what we did! 🙂 

4. Are you planning on hitting big marketing platforms?

To be honest, in the beginning we would think to ourselves, “imagine if someone bought one of our mugs?!”  And then, in no time at all, we were at the printer placing an order for over 200 mugs!  We’re following our hearts with The Glue and if that leads us to “big marketing platforms”, we can’t wait to enjoy the ride 🙂

5. Any last comments for my TOSer’s (that means The Open Sources)

Go home and have a hot drink with someone you LOVE 🙂   “The Glue” is what keeps us together 🙂

Emily Abbot and Lindsay Parkinson (The people behind The Glue.)
Parkinson with her “Habeebti” mug
Abbot with her “Top Knots and Caffeine” mug

Stay Awesome,

The Open Source


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