Hey guys.

I haven’t been posting much here because of recent events and work at school. I want to say that I am finally back but I need to bring something that is tearing me apart and is genuinely making me unhappy…

I need help. I need help dealing with the hate and depression. Obviously Kuwait doesn’t have any type of suicide hotlines or anything like that. But I was just wondering, what would be the ideal choice to resolve my depression here? It’s tearing my life apart.

But then I realized…

I shouldn’t promises when your happy and make decisions when your angry. Like I can’t see reflection of myself in boiling water, I can’t see the state of your life in a state of anger.

I’m not in the best time of my life, love life, family life, professional life… I’m trying to find my voice, trying to find my reason underneath all the non-love I’m receiving right now…

I’m still feeling left out, missing every single bits and pieces of my life and it is all tumbling and crashing down. I don’t feel like myself… what should I do?


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